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Find Your Jewboo for the Holidays, Yenta Will Pick Up the Tab!

We here at Yenta are concerned that the holidays are coming up and you, our favorite Jewboo, may find yourself without a ‘plus 1.’ All those holiday parties, Chanukah presents and good cheer are almost always better when shared with a significant other. And let's face it…being single around the holidays sucks.

So, thinking ahead, we want to make sure that we are proactive in helping you find your Jewboo for the holidays and beyond.

Here's what we propose - we’ll pay for your first date on Yenta.  Find a date with another Yenta member, pick a restaurant, tell us - and you could get lucky and have us pick up the tab!*

All you have to do is tell us why you're an awesome date to be with, and then share your Yenta experience with us.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at with your submission, post it on our wall at or tweet us @goyenta. Either way you choose, make sure you tell us why you should win the free date and leave behind your contact information. We will then select the winners and send you off to meet your date!


Founder, Yenta

Below are the rules and details of the contest. PLEASE READ:

*Yenta will cover the costs of a first dinner date amongst two registered Yenta members that is not to exceed $100 USD. Details of the restaurant and date must be submitted seven (7) days in advance so that the Yenta team can make proper payment arrangements with the desired dining establishment.

All winners must share their first date experience with Yenta, which will then be featured on the Yenta blog, Facebook page and other social media channels.

Five (5) first dates will be awarded to five (5) different Yenta members based on their submissions. Winners will be selected at Yenta’s sole discretion.

Winners will be notified by December 31, 2012 and the actual dinner dates will need to be completed by February 1, 2013. Winners will be required to submit an email summary of their date with at least one photograph of their experiences on Yenta within ten (10) business days of their dinner date. Summaries may be featured on the Yenta blog and other social media tools. Summaries shall become the exclusive property of Yenta. By entering this contest you agree to all rules and regulations of said contest. All terms of service and privacy terms apply.

You agree that you are entering the contest to experience a first date with another Yenta member. You further agree to waive all rights you may have with respect to your submissions.

Contest is intended to promote the application. It is not intended to guarantee romantic results. Yenta and it subsidiaries are not responsible for the results of said "date", either with respect to any possible relationship or as to the quality of restaurant chosen.

By submission under there terms contained herein you are expressly assuming any and all liability which may be related to said contest and its prize.